The Representative Dance Company of the Interdisciplinary Center (IDC) of Herzeliya was established in 2003 by the initiative of two students of the University, Michal Tidhar and Hadas Avraham, with cooperation from the Choreographer Aya Mor Sasson.

The Company was established due to the need of younge dancers to return to the world of Dance after their army service and during their academic studies at IDC.

The activity of the Dance Company is coordinated with the commitments of University Students and incorporate current students and alumni of the University. The Company performs various styles of dance with emphasis on Modern dance, Jazz, and Classical Ballet.

The Company's Repertoire is updated every year with new creative works, including those of performers in the Company.

Throughout the year, the company performs in various events and venues; including events sponsored by the Student Union, events outside of IDC, volunteer events and fundraisers as part of the company's social involvement.


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Aya Mor-Sason

Choreographer, Co-founder

Nofar Shay


Ann Rajuan


Shahaf Samuch

Dana Knichowsky

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Noa Shoshan

Or Ben-Ezra

Shaked Luski

Sivan Ravkaie